No detail is too small for Adora. She loves analyzing and examining everything. She’s cool, clearheaded and has stellar style; Adora's opinion is that emotion just gets in the way of good decision making.

While Adora spends her days in the lab, she also loves to put on a glimmering dress and go out dancing, too! When she got her first microscope, the very first thing she looked at was a sequin. From that moment on, Adora has been dedicated to the science of fashion and style. Whether she's trying to create a new sparkly fabric or stardust eyeliner, Adora throws herself wholeheartedly into her work. She wants to invent a stretchy fabric that responds to music. If she succeeds your clothes will literally dance with you!

Adora's technical skills are at the genius level, but her personal skills need an upgrade. Some of her friends say that Adora can be cold and detached, as if she's constantly analyzing everything around her - which, she actually is! Her roommate is Tessa.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She can heal minor injuries on Wishworld.

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