Astra is one of the main characters in the Star Darlings series. The point of view in Astra's Mixed-Up Mission, Astra is shown as loyal, competitive, and sporty.


Astra reaches for the stars in everything she does. She's strong and unstoppable. Growing up, she earned a galaxy of star trophies for athletics. She's mastered practically every sport, from energy volley to star bases to star ball, and is Starling Academy’s most stellar star ball player! She even loves to play sports in the pouring rain! In fact, it was Starling Academy's star ball team that made Astra want to apply to the school in the first place. Now she's the team's most stellar player.

But coming to Starling Academy, where everyone wants to be the best, presented Astra with new challenges. She learned that she had to bring a sizzling new level of energy to her athletics and her studies if she was going to stay on top. Astra is super confident when it comes to her physical strengths, but shies away from her emotions.

All this focus on winning has its downside. Astra can be brash and act like she's the center of the universe, and that can push friends out of her orbit. Her roommate is Clover.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Super Speed - when fighting Lady Rancora, she confused her by running very fast.


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