Disney Star Darlings Clip “Astra-nomical”

Disney Star Darlings Clip “Astra-nomical”

Astra-nomical is a short clip on the Star Darlings YouTube channel. It was released on November 19, 2015.


When Astra and Vivica go head-to-head in Star Ball, Astra clearly has more Wish Energy skills than her opponent imagined!



Sage and Libby: Go Astra, go! Go Astra, go!
Vivica: I hear you're the reigning champion of Star Ball. Well, prepare to be knocked off your throne, Star Dipper.
Leona: I've had just about enough of your negative energy, Vivica. Now... when I fly this Star Ball in the air, the game begins.
Vivica: Ha! Take that, Star Dipper! Huh? Hey!
Starlings: You go, Astra!
Vivica: Grr... It's mine, ha!
Libby: Get her, Astra! Get that Star Ball!
Sage: Oh, Starf! Is that a wish orb?
Scarlet: Yes. It's off course; it should be heading to the Wish House.
Starlings: Amazing!
Vivica: Are you kidding me?
Sage: Astronomical!
Scarlet: Astra-nomical.