Clover has had a wildly unusual childhood. She's part of the Flying Molensa Family, one of Starland's most illustrious circus acts! Her extended family is made up of acrobats, jugglers, star swallowers - you name it. As you might imagine, Clover has a lot of unique talents, such as doing backflips, making cotton candy, and playing guitar while standing on a galloping galliope, but the best of them is making the best beats on her turntables!

Though Clover can play almost any instrument, what she really loves to do is write celestial songs and DJ, so she's a perfect addition to the Star Darlings' band. She is also their manager as of Leona's Unlucky Mission. Clover is sweet and the ultimate team player.

Clover is a born performer, always cracking jokes and making people laugh. But sometimes she has a hard time turning off the performer in her. Still, she's always super supportive of her friends and helps keep the vibe light. Living in campus is a big adjustment for Clover though. Since she comes from a circus family, she's never stayed in one place for more than a week! Her roommate is Astra.

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