Gemma is popular and hilarious, and she's also super chatty - always having a mouthful to say. She pretty much says anything and everything that pops into her head. There's never a moment of silence around Gemma. When she was younger, she even talked to farm animals because they were such great listeners.

Gemma loves her big sister, Tessa, but she wants to get out from under Tessa's glow since she tends to baby her little sister so Gemma is always fighting for more independence. Everybody loves Tessa, so Gemma feels she has to be "on" all the time to stand out. She wants everyone to like her, and if she even thinks someone doesn't, she stresses about it for days. The only time she's quiet is when she's drifting across a peaceful lake in a rowboat.

Gemma and Tessa are part of a family that likes to tease; it's how they show affection. But Gemma's starcasm can offend others without her meaning it to. Gemma needs to learn how to rein in her energy. She is cheerful and full of energy and loves to make her friends laugh. Her roommate is Libby.

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