Disney Star Darlings Clip “Piper's Dream”

Disney Star Darlings Clip “Piper's Dream”

"Piper's Dream" or "Piper Dreams" is a short clip on the Star Darlings YouTube channel. It was released on December 3, 2015.


Piper gets really stressed out when she can’t find a peaceful place to meditate. Perhaps the only truly quiet place is within!


  1. Piper
  2. Vega
  3. Leona
  4. Libby


Vega: I can not believe how much studying I have to do! It's hard enough having all my second-year classes, but now all these Star Darling lessons are completely stressing me out!
Up in the sky, looking down on life
We are starlight, starlight
Between the moon...
Libby: Piper! OMS! I know, this is serenity gardens, but wouldn't it be the most perfect place for a party? I mean, really, who needs serenity? Just imagine, if I decorated everything in pink, this place would be an magical pink wonderland! Magical pink wonderland! Ohhh.... I suddenly feel so serene.